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Copeland Sand & Gravel

Known for our experience, knowledge and quality service

Originated by Robert D. Copeland (stationed at Camp White before being shipped to serve in WW 2) the Copeland Corporations has seen many additions and changes. Since 1947 the Copeland family has been serving Josephine County. From the beginning with Grants Pass Fuel, delivering heating oil from Portland to homes and schools in the 50s, to Copeland Paving that maintain roads and road construction today. Copeland Sand and Gravel was formed in 1955 and with continued development added Copeland Paving in 1962. In the continued interest of best serving the community with their distinct focuses, the two companies became separate in recent years.

Through all of these decades, Copeland Sand & Gravel has remained a family owned and family run business, with members of the Ausland family increasing the company focus on meeting specific needs of the local community. maintaining and expanding the business to the meet the needs of our community. Today Copeland Sand & Gravel employees are not only our own family members, but a number of multi-generation employees from our community! We're proud to have a company where people enjoy working for decades and then their children want to work here too.
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We do it ALL!

Please call us at (541) 476-4441. We will be glad to get you a prompt estimate for your project.

695 SE J Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526

Phone: 541 476 4441
Fax: 541 479 4881

7am-5pm Monday-Friday
8am-3pm Saturday